70s Big Busts VOLUME 4


Again we have some obscure 70s big boobed babes in hardcore action. Our brunette cover girl from the 60s Girls #3 film Huge Tits is here in 4 loops. Along with Huge Tits, she is also appears in the Diamond loops Big Tits & Big Cock (DI#40) & Dream Come True (DI#39), as well as the Inger Brent Tootsy Rolls (TR #20) film Double Anal Hump. The Tootsy Rolls film, which came from a Super8 source, is one of the highest quality digital transfers I have ever obtained from an 8MM film. I only wished the major 8MM film distributors of the era shot their films as good as this one, the clarity is amazing.

Contains 2 hardcore loops of an early 70s busty girl who was also in PigKeepers Daughter, she sometimes went by the name Margie Storey, or Margie Stoney but I also have seen other names for her on latent images on eBay. I have a third HC loop of her but the quality is not that good so I left it off here, and hope to find another version of it in the future. I'll upload that poor loop to the site for reference.

Some of the stars from our very popular VOL1, VOL2 & VOL3 of this series make apperances here again. From VOL1, Melody (AKA Geneva Lombardi) appears in three loops - Blue Films #9 Daughters Of The Street and Blue Films #7 Rapture Of Love, as well as K-72 Jackie & Sam. Denise Swenson shows up again in Bedside Manners. Our busty brunette from VOL2 shows up again in the loop Nick, Cindy & Judy, and from VOL3 another Michelle Lake film Home Cumming.

Dream Come True (Diamond #39) Misc BB, Dorothy Lemay & Guy (7:37)
Huge Tits (60s Girls #3) Misc BB & Guy (6:54)
Double Anal Hump (Inger Brents Tootsie Rolls #20) Misc BB & Don Fernando (ANAL) (9:57)
Big Tits & Big Cock (Diamond #40) Misc BB & King Paul (10:18)
Maiden Head Job (Danish #17) Margie Storey & Guy (8:23)
Misc 8MM - Margie Storey & Guy (9:25)
Pigkeeper's Daughter - Margie Storey & Guy (SC) (9:43)
Daughters Of The Street (Blue Films #9) Melody, Girl & Guy (8:27)
Rapture Of Love (Blue Films #7) Melody & Guy (9:45)
Jackie & Sam (K-72) Melody & Guy (10:58)
Home Cumming (Double Exposure #3) Michelle Lake, Girl & Guy (6:36)
Bedside Manners (SE349) Denise Swenson, Girl & Guy (6:30)
Nick, Cindy & Judy (PVS #169) Misc BB, Girl & Guy (10:17)
Home Alone (DC83) Misc BB & Guy (7:29)
Living Doll (Gallery G1) Misc BB & Guy (8:01)

Running Time: APPROX 128 minutes

Price: $16.99