70s Big Busts VOLUME 2


Some more obscure 70s BB babes in hardcore action. Featuring Toby Wenig (AKA Michelle Weiner) in 4 HC loops and Karen Cooknell (Honey Chile from Sassy Sue fame) in 2 HC loops. Also contains 2 HC loops of the miscellaneous super Busty Brunette from Breast Orgy as well as 4 HC loops of another miscellaneous big boob aurburn-haired babe from the mid 70s. Finished off with a hot busty blonde in the SE loop Very Close Neighbours.

Moonchild (Diverse 1978) Karen Cooknell with Mike Ranger (8:53)
Fire My Box (Danish Films) - Karen Cooknell & Toby Wenig with 1 Guy (10:56)
2 Guys on 1 Girl (Diverse 1973) Toby Wenig with 2 Guys (11:58)
Arranging Betty's Centerpeice (SE 297) (1979) Toby Wenig & Jon Martin (8:32)
Betty's Bakeoff (SE 298) (1979) Toby Wenig & John Leslie (7:47)
Revolving Bed (NYC#6) Misc Brunette with 1 Guy & 1 Girl (11:48)
Living It Up (Libra#23) Misc Brunette with 1 Guy (9:35)
Misc Loop - Misc Auburn Haired BB with 1 Guy (6:17)
Cowpoker (Diamond #110) Misc Auburn Haired BB with 1 Guys (9:05)
Love Me Or Leave Me (RR#12) Misc Auburn Haired BB with 1 Guy (7:36)
Old Bastard (Diamond #109) Misc Auburn Haired BB with 2 Guys (6:45)
Very Close Neighbours (SE #331) Misc BB Blonde with 1Guy (5:40)

Running Time: APPROX 100 minutes

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Price: $16.99